Chrissi Klassen

Under Development

  • Pixdraw

    Screenshot of pixel drawing canvas.

    A pixel art sketchpad for artists who are way better at art than me. Using JQuery, Javascript, HTML5 Canvas, and imgur api for uploading artwork. While the UI is still unpolished, it is fully functional, with alpha opacity colours, multi-state undo/redo, and possibility of saving artwork in HTML5 storage in the future.

  • Flat Map Viewer

    Screenshot of map viewer canvas.

    A map rendering engine for HTML5 Canvas games. Uses a drunkard's walk to generate a temporary map in memory for display. In the future you should be able to import a map. Allows you to scale the map, zoom around, and centre a character. May become the engine behind a 2d canvas game eventually.

Functioning Apps

  • Custom Image Puzzle

    Screenshot of a puzzle game.

    Made entirely from Javascript, using jQuery and plugins, this puzzle game takes an image that you select and dynamically makes a puzzle from it. The rows and columns are determined by user input, and the game lets you know when you have won. The outline disappears and the piece locks when correctly positioned, to let you know that it is in its proper spot. More difficult than it looks! Start at easy, or medium if you are a puzzle expert. Use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out.

  • Neopets Link Timer

    Screenshot of neopets link timer page.

    Especially for Neopets players. Manages your daily/weekly/monthly game tasks and lets you know when they are available again, with a simple interface. Lists can be sorted for easier access to tasks. Users can create their own lists and own links, as I am not able to keep up with all of the daily games and tasks. Uses Javascript, JQuery, and HTML5 Browser Storage to remember the status of your tasks and games for another day.


  • Cloudify

    Screenshot of 'Cloudify' website, which is sky blue with white clouds and some simple birds.

    Cloudify: for those who want to live in the cloud. Find out what's so great about cloud computing and how it works.

  • Food Is Awesome

    Screenshot of 'Food Is Awesome' site, which contains recipes and cooking tips.

    A website containing my recipes and cooking tips. Responsive design in progress, partially complete.

  • Compear

    Screenshot of 'Compear' web design.  Title has pear logo.

    Mockup of a future web app for comparing grocery prices. All graphics, images, and code (except linked libraries) created by me.