How does it work?

Since scientists still have no idea how clouds work, we had to figure it out ourselves. Through our research we found that clouds are made of water vapour and air. Long story short, you can live in a cloud if you want to. It takes a lot of technology, though, and that's really our dream. To take a lot of technology and make something really complicated and cool.

For example, this pie chart is really cool looking.

a pie chart
                            representing 56% people and 44% robots

And this moose is walking.

a moose walking

How did we make such a cool technology? It's way too complicated to explain, but it involves an MRI machine, magnets, birds, cotton balls, 0s and 1s, bits, bytes, and cheese.

You can obviously see that the cloud is really cool, so that's why we wanted to live in it. You can live here free for $99.99 per month. Are you ready? Contact us for a tour of our facilities.